Novelty or Hideous? Bouncy Castles…

Trying to make your wedding an even more memorable and special event than it already will be isn’t easy. Indeed, weddings can almost be the most difficult events to plan and ensure that they are unique as there is a lot of tradition and custom that goes with it. However, by hiring a bouncy castle for your wedding reception you can guarantee that your guests will have a great time.

Wedding Reception Entertainment

For a lot of people a wedding can be a very traditional and formal affair. While this is great to an extent, when the vows have been said and your guests have started to loosen up at the reception why not have some fun?

Bouncy castles are often seen as playthings for children however they have just as much appear to adults as they do to kids and hiring one for your wedding reception could be a stroke of genius in originality. Think about it: when people plan their wedding what do they think of? Invitations, seating arrangements, dress codes, vows and food are all near the top of the list. All very important but are they really fun?

While the ceremony part of your wedding can be traditional and ceremonial the reception part should allow guests of all ages to enjoy themselves.

Bouncy Castles for Adults and Kids

Why does a bouncy castle have to be just for kids?

OK, perhaps this is who they are aimed at however with a few drinks down the hatch a few of your older guests will probably appreciate it just as much. This is the great thing about bouncy castles at a wedding, they can be for everyone. From the kids to make sure that they don’t get bored and have an outlet for that built up energy to adults after a few glasses of champagne (or even before), a bouncy castle at a wedding is a fantastic idea.

Some Things To Consider

Bouncy castles are fun although you do need to consider some of the mundane aspects of hiring a bouncy castle. Insurance is the main one as there is a slight potential for injury. It is unlikely that your wedding insurance is going to cover any injuries sustained on a bouncy castle so look into getting a separate policy. These can be easily found online and could be a godsend in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Also consider where the bouncy castle is going to go. They are not small objects and it is perhaps best to have it outside; then again, what about the weather? These all need to be taken into consideration before hiring one for your wedding.

A Novel Wedding Idea

There are no real downsides to hiring a bouncy castle for your big day. In fact, if anything, it will add to the occasion and provide a valuable form of entertainment. Rather than following protocol and having a mundane wedding reception, do something a little different and you can be sure that your guests will appreciate it.

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