How about a Bouncy Castle

Normally, you wouldn’t relate a bouncy castle to a wedding but more to a children’s birthday party. More and more frequently bouncy castles and other inflatables are being inflated at weddings. Weddings are a family event and as such, many children are present. Do you really want lots of children running around your dance floor or knocking over drinks? It can and does happen unfortunately. A great way to keep them occupied, even if for a couple hours, is to hire a bouncy castle. We tried a company called KC Bouncy Castle Hire Liverpool and was surprised at how efficient and quick they had everything setup and ready! Another company we looked at was MJ Castles.

There are many other inflatables you could consider including an inflatable slide, bungee run, gladiator duel or obstacle course.

What size bouncy castle?

How many children do you have coming and how many would you like to go on the bouncy castle at the same time? We would always recommend hiring a castle big enough to handle at least half a dozen children. The more children on the bouncy castle and the more chance you have of an accident. Generally bouncy castles are not supervised so you would need to pay extra attention to safety and possibly ask the older children to supervise the younger. Consider hiring an adult bouncy castle as they are much more robust and less likely to be damaged. Expect an adult to go on the bouncy castle, especially after having a drink or two. If the bouncy castle does get damaged from misuse then you would be held liable for the repairs.

There are a number of themes from party, princess, pirate and character themes from Disney and Pixar. It’s a wedding so either go for something unisex and party / champagne style related. Most bouncy castle hire companies will have a wide variety of themes to choose from.

Is there a difference between bouncy castles?

Absolutely! Like anything, you have your budget range and your premium range. You get what you pay for. The budget bouncy castles are arguably not made as well, not as bouncy and will need repairing more often. Often the artwork can fade or is pixelated to begin with. The premium bouncy castles has perfect artwork and are reinforced at most of the stress points. To weed out the rubbish and to shortlist the best, go by price. Anything less than £60 we would think twice. Over £80 and you can pretty much guarantee your getting a good product.

What company?

Do a web search to find a local company to your wedding venue. Bouncy castles are low cost items which attracts a large amount of companies and often makes the market saturated in the bigger cities. This will drive down the hire cost. Most bouncy castle companies will not travel long distance and usually set themselves a radius of around 20 miles. You can use Google Places to find reviews on reputable companies or consider using FreeIndex or Yell.

Certification and Memberships

There are a number of trade bodies in the inflatable industry including the BIHA (British Inflatable Hirers Association), NIAH and TIPE (The Inflatable Play Enterprise). All of these bodies have a directory on their website with a list of current paid members. Like most trade organisations, anyone can join them and the bodies do not endorse or recommend each company. The most difficult body to get in to is the NIAH who screen each and every applicate to ensure they adhere to testing requirements and insurance certifications.

Every bouncy castle should have an annual test certificate carried out by an RPII/PIPA inspector. Bouncy castles each will have their own test certificate with an expiry date. The test scheme these inspectors test to is BSEN14960 which is a European standard. Bouncy castle operators are required to have public liability insurance and employee liability insurance if they have any employees working for the company. The company should also have PAT tested electrical equipment and cFORM waterproof extension reels suitable for outdoor use.

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